Suede Tassel Keychain

This versatile ornament, while intended as a keychain, would also look great as a charm for your bag or even as an embellishment for the zipper of a favorite sweater.

  • Author: Project DIY
  • Time required: 25
  • Difficulty: Moderate

This simple how-to guide will show you how to make luxurious tassels out of suede cord to make a decorative keychain or ornament.

Tools (continued)
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Step 1 Opening the Chain  ¶ 

  • Gather your supplies for your DIY

  • Take the 2.5" chain and open the last link on one end.

    • Tip: Using both flat and needle pliers, open the last link, moving the edges north-south, instead of pulling them apart east-west. This will help maintain the shape of the link.

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Step 2  ¶ 

  • Insert the loop on the swivel clasp onto the open end of the 2.5 inch chain.

  • Using both pliers again, close the chain link.

  • Set aside for now.

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Step 3 Tassel Making part I  ¶ 

  • Start by cutting each suede cord into five 4-inch strips.

  • Put the leftovers aside—you’ll need these to knot the tassels later.

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Step 4 Tassel Making part II  ¶ 

  • Once the strips are cut, take 5 strips of any color and string them through a jump ring.

    • Tip: You may want to arrange them stacked up on eachother inside the ring. This will create a neater tassel.

    • Customization Tip: Mix and match colors to to make multi-colored tassels!

  • Center the jump ring in the middle of the strips. Fold the strips over so that they are evenly hanging on both sides.

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Step 5 Tassel Making part III  ¶ 

  • Using the remaining leftover suede, tie a simple knot around the bundle, as close to the jump ring as possible. Tie the knot so that one end of the cord is very short.

    • Tip: Move the knot around a bit to make the tassel perfect before gluing.

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Step 6 Tassel Making part IV  ¶ 

  • Use the longer end of the cord to wrap around the knot.

  • Use a small bit of e6000 glue to secure the wrap around the tassel.

  • Hold the glued end for a few seconds to secure, and let it sit to dry.

  • Repeat above steps to create the other five tassels.

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Step 7 Attach the Tassels  ¶ 

  • Almost done! Once your tassels have dried, use your pliers to open each jump ring, one at a time, and attach to the key chain.

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Step 8 Finishing touches  ¶ 

  • Place the tassels on alternate sides of the links as you go, so that they will hang symmetrically.

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Step 9 Wear and Share  ¶ 

  • Your keychain is now ready to go! Use it as a keychain, zipper, embellishment...anything!

  • Show us how you use yours, or how you customized it. Use #mjprojectdiy on Facebook or Instagram to share with us.

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This looks so cute hanging on my tan Steve Madden tote! Fun to make and great finished product. :)

jennyexiled, · Reply

I love, love, LOVE this! I love the suggestions for mixing it up, too--although I liked the original best.

I had a little trouble keeping the wrap glued down on 2 of the tassels, but they are fine now.

Great project!

I Love Mail, · Reply

Hi I love Mail, we're so glad you loved this project! The glue takes about 24 hours to fully cure, which we think you experienced firsthand! But once its dry it should have a really strong hold. Enjoy!

-The Project DIY Team

Project DIY,

I couldn't get the glue to cooperate properly (and I have loads of experience with E6000)...but, the suede ties and tightens quite nicely, so I knotted them and it worked wonderfully! Love the keychain!

Katie , · Reply

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