Horseshoe Wrap Bracelet

Featuring a metallic horseshoe closure and sumptuous leather bolo cord, this eye-catching accessory is a hit for the season.

  • Author: Project DIY
  • Time required: 25 minutes
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Create our double-wrap bracelet, embellished with gold wire and a lucky horseshoe closure. Learn how to properly wrap wire, attach jump rings and a toggle closure, and glue end caps.

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Step 1 Lasso the Horseshoe  ¶ 

  • Gather your materials for the DIY.

  • Take the leather bolo and fold in half. You will be attaching the bolo cord to the horseshoe with a simple knot.

  • Take the looped end of the bolo and place it along the thin bar on the horse bit. Grab both loose ends and pull them around the bar and through the looped bolo.

  • Pull the ends through and tighten to fit.

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Step 2 Adjusting the Length  ¶ 

  • Wrap the bracelet around your wrist and cut off the ends of the bolo if it’s too long.

    • Tip: You will be adding 1/2 inch of length with the toggle and end cap, so keep that in mind as you adjust the length.

  • Make sure the ends are even when you cut and adjust the length.

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Step 3 Wire Wrapping Part I  ¶ 

  • Cutting the gold-colored wire into eight 5-inch strips.

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Step 4 Wire Wrapping Part II  ¶ 

  • Now you will bend the ends of your wires. First, grab a small piece at the end of the wire with the tip of your pliers and bend.

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Step 5 Wire Wrapping Part III  ¶ 

  • Then, squeeze tightly on the bended wire to create a folded edge. This will provide a more finished look to the wire and also prevent snagging.

  • Repeat previous step for both ends of the 8 strips of wire.

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Step 6 Wire Wrapping Part IV  ¶ 

  • Once you have prepared all the wires, grab one to begin wrapping around the bracelet.

  • Place the newly created folded edge flat inside your plier. Using your hand, wrap the wire around the plier to create a little U shape.

  • Place this U shape around the bolo cords, close to the knot. Now wrap any way you like!

    • Tip: We recommend using light pressure, so that you don’t squeeze the leather too much.

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Step 7 Wire Wrapping Part V  ¶ 

  • Once you've wrapped the wire piece, secure it in place with your plier

  • Repeat the wire wrapping process every 1.5 inches, or as frequently as you choose, until you use up all the wire.

    • Customization Tip: Cut the wire into smaller pieces to have more wire details throughout the bracelet.

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Step 8 Adding Toggle and End Cap  ¶ 

  • Create a small chain with the jump rings. Attach one of the end jump rings to the toggle bar, and the other end jump ring to the end cap.

  • Make sure all the jump rings are securely closed.

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Step 9 Attach the End Cap to the Bolo Cord  ¶ 

  • Place a small amount of glue into the end cap and squeeze both ends of the cord inside.

  • Remember to let dry for 24 hours before wearing!

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Step 10 Wear and Share  ¶ 

  • Once you've let the glue dry for 24 hours, your bracelet is ready for wearing.

  • How do you style your look with the Horseshoe Wrap Bracelet? Show us your photos. Use #mjprojectdiy on Facebook or Instagram to share with us.

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I love this bracelet! So easy to make and it looks so nice!!

Stacy, · Reply

Wearing this today - I love it!

jennyexiled, · Reply

Phew, finished. Took a bit longer than expected and def used my sister as a second set of hands to hold down the leather.

RachelShine, · Reply

I didn't realize that the leather was supposed to wrap around your wrist *twice* until I saw that you were supposed to wrap the 8 gold wires 1.5" apart. It just goes to show that, if you call a guide fool-proof, the world will create a bigger fool!

Dee Phair, · Reply

I absolutely LOVE this bracelet. Sadly, the horseshoe clasp caught on something and was torn off--twice. I found it and reattached it once, but have been unable to find it the 2nd time. I still have the bracelet in hopes I do find it or can buy another horseshoe clasp.

This was a good project that stretched my skills. Thanks for the strong instructions.

I Love Mail, · Reply

I love this project! I see how it fits the theme for the month, but it's not too "horse-y" it's great for when you're not off to the Polo Club :)

Katie , · Reply

I really with Project DIY would link to the individual items on the M&J Trimming site so that we could order additional pieces (not necessarily the entire project, but individual components of a project).

I Love Mail, · Reply

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